The Best Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas, Games & Activities in 2022
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The Best Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas, Games & Activities in 2022

The Best Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas, Games & Activities in 2022

This is a great icebreaker that allows for more intimate conversations among your teammates. If you’re familiar with breakout rooms, you’ll appreciate this one.

Zoom Thanksgiving: The 7 best games to play on that holiday family call – PennLive

Zoom Thanksgiving: The 7 best games to play on that holiday family call.

Posted: Thu, 12 Nov 2020 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Many Thanksgiving games for children include action and can be adapted to any age group. Play active party games before dinner when everyone still has some energy.

Learn How Others Are Using Thanksgiving Team Building Activities

It’s nice to reminisce together, especially during a time when we can’t all be together. Be sure to take a few screenshots of the virtual celebration, to add fond memories of this whacky time to future slideshows. View a slideshow of family photos to feel closer to your loved ones while celebrating virtually. Ask each household to provide a handful of favorite photos to include that way everyone is sure to be included. I’m Thankful For – Make a list of various nouns (e.g., food, songs, places, people) and go around asking each person something they’re thankful for that falls in that category. Gratitude is important throughout the year, not just at Thanksgiving. If you limit your practice of gratitude to November, you risk losing the sincerity and the power of those expressions.

  • If your team does not celebrate Thanksgiving, you could tie this to another holiday where it is common to share a meal with others.
  • Check out our list of virtual escape rooms for specific ideas.
  • This icebreaker is ideal for small teams because people might not be willing to talk in front of larger crowds of people.
  • Even if you aren’t all together, you can still enjoy a meal over zoom together during the workday.

Also, feel free to expand on the list as you do your own Thanksgiving trivia research. You’d be surprised at all the Thanksgiving information you’ll encounter on the Internet. After all, if some of your employees aren’t that familiar with Thanksgiving and all the details surrounding it, they might have better luck with the questions below. icebreakers for virtual meetings To win, players must knock off three pieces of food by tossing Thanksgiving paper plates like frisbees from the other side of the room. All of these games are Minute to Win It style games and depending on the number of people playing, there are different ways you can play them. Pair students up and ask them to answer these questions.

Zoom Storytelling Thanksgiving Game

Testing your knowledge of Thanksgiving trivia could also suffice as an educational yet fun game for the entire family. And if you’re really hoping to keep the young ones engaged, you could plan a few variations of cool scavenger hunt games. Marco’s Laugh.Eventsprovides memorable virtual team building activities that specialize in comedy experiences for groups who want to inject a little laughter into their day. Jump on Houseparty, invite your team to join you, choose a trivia category, and start testing your common knowledge. The app provides immediate right-or-wrong feedback and shares results live, so everyone can stay pumped and in the game in real time. Priority Experiences offers a comprehensive and unique set of virtual team building activities built around their collection of shippable experiences.

thanksgiving virtual icebreaker games

Using just one robust online platform , you can deliver and manage reliable phone service to employees in multiple locations. Scavify provides a variety of app-based, in-home scavenger hunts everyone on your team can share with their significant others or families. Developed by expert online team game designers and a team with 5+ years developing unique virtual group events. They’ve combined their unique brand of fun within a slick video conferencing interface and a hilarious host to bring remote teammates into the fold.

How to divide large groups for online ice breakers

Ask the players to construct a turkey or other seasonally appropriate object from these supplies. Set a time limit of ten to fifteen minutes, so younger guests don’t lose interest in the activity. Award prizes, such as small trinkets or an extra piece of pie, to the best creations. To avoid naming winners and losers, you could also give each craft a title like “Most Lifelike” or “Best Use of Glitter.” If you love playing Words With Friends on your phone or Scrabble, you’ll love the simplicity of Thanksgiving Words Around the Table.

  • Virtual team building activities & events have the power to transform your remote team members, making them feel connected, engaged, appreciated, and happier at work.
  • Obviously, this depends on what kind of business you’re in and how many customers you have, but it can be a great way for your team to flex some creativity.
  • A recommended show is a great option because everyone learns something about the person and also gets a great recommendation.

There is no better time of year to express gratitude; the holiday literally tells us to give thanks. This season provides the perfect backdrop to highlight the importance of gratitude and teamwork in the workplace. As employees cherish bonds with family members, you can seize the opportunity to strengthen bonds within your teams. You can encourage employees to take stock of good fortune and express thankfulness to teammates. We often focus on improvement and growth in our teams, but dwelling on gratitude can also boost productivity and workplace well-being. You should keep in mind your employee’s other obligations this time of year, and schedule events accordingly.

When each player finds their first word, they flip their paper over. When everyone finds one word, go around the group and discuss what word each person found and how that word relates to their life. Work off that extra serving of dressing while you take part in one of the healthiest options for Thanksgiving games, football. Take care not to get too competitive, and look for ways to include all family members, regardless of age and ability. Play indoors by requiring all players to crawl or walk on their knees, assigning furniture pieces in different rooms as end zones, and using a plush ball. Throughout the house or around the yard, hide an assortment of turkeys.

Dig around your genealogy from or the like and learn about your predecessors and share stories. Some video services, including Zoom, have “breakout rooms” so you can engage in one-on-one conversations without leaving your main chat. See who can draw the best turkey, pilgrims, cornucopias and more.

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