Read Complaints And Reviews @ Pissed Consumer
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Read Complaints And Reviews @ Pissed Consumer

Read Complaints And Reviews @ Pissed Consumer

MatchMe places you in a selected person’s roster of daily matches to test whether your appearance piques their interest. Again, here you choose a partner and you’ll receive a notification every time your chosen profile comes online, ensuring the two of you won’t miss each other. Senior dating apps and sites use advanced tools and communication features to make it easier to meet like-minded people. You can use features such as video calling, chat messages and chat rooms to talk to matches to see how you get on before hopefully venturing out on an exciting first date together.

Quality Of Profiles And Success Rate

I totally agreed with her sentiment as I thought she had a decent profile as well but I did not find her appealing. Now her picture appeared in my e-mail daily list of 5 and then in this false flirt today. This is completely nuts but it generally corroborates what so many users are saying about this totally discombobulated outfit. Our Time and its related sites are so bad that I am in the early stages of considering whether to start a dating service that will do what Our Time and perhaps others aren’t doing. In the next few days, I will be registering a domain that, shockingly, is available and matches to a T what I am pondering.

Where is the Best Place for Senior Dating Online?

I had so many similar things happen with my profile as well. To add insult, I was charged more than what they advertised. I tried sending a message asking for it to be refunded the entire amount, or the difference.

The men are lying about their age because they look 70 and say they are 45. Just a waste of money but they don’t care because we were stupid enough to believe their commercial showing very handsome older men. Seems like most of the dating websites are money making schemes that prey on honest well meaning people. I’ve joined most of them and I experienced most of the comments posted. I was thinking on joining our time but not anymore after reading the comments.

I him, he needed help with an event. So please don’t be conned into OurTime fraud. They took to misleading their customers. You get some messages from the women who haven’t even viewed your profile.

For those who may be interested in furthering a class action suit against OT and/or interested in a new start up service, feel free to contact me at admin at Come Two It’s past time someone goes after these birds and with a vengeance. Maureen, I am 74 and I got so discouraged by the matches, from all over the freeking country, that lived in the woods, was the jackpot. I knew the area, so it was obvious he was homeless lol. Little concerned that the latest scam seems to be retired cops.

There is a need out there for this type of assistance with meeting people ages 50 plus but obviously this website is not the answer. Don’t waste your money or your customer service number is a big red flag. Ironically to a degree, in wrongly being redirected to an OT upgrade page, I now notice a drop in price in membership, be it a month, three months or six months. It seems to tell me that these guys may be in financial trouble, thus the price reductions. Yet they can’t get their basic operations right.

How can I stop appearing on the Ourtime dating site?

The former CEO is media mogul Barry Diller. Mr. Diller started Fox Broadcasting Network. He used to be CEO of Paramount Pictures. Our time is the sorriest dating site i have ever expierienced. This is quite possibly the WORST site out there for dating, and ABSOLUTELY no one is monitoring the creeps on there. If you are marketing to “seniors,” you owe them a well-monitored site and this isn’t it.

They had video recording of him buying the cards. One of the arsons was a place were two people were inside sleeping. When I asked for a refund because of these special circumstances they refused. Come to find out I was speaking to someone in Porto Rico.

I remarked that I didn’t recognize the store he was in front of in his picture and he blocked me. I reported 3 scary people but they did nothing. I emailed one legit man who seemed nice but we didn’t gel. I would guess I was contacted by 15 men who appeared to be scammers. 20 men may not have been scammers but they lived thousands of miles away and totally ignored my request for people within 50 miles.