Sober living
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Sober living

What Is Wet Brain? What Is Wet Brain Symptoms

ContentRegain Control of Your LifeWernicke encephalopathy triggers bleeding in the brain that causes:Brain Damage from Heavy Alcohol AbuseWernicke encephalopathyWhat are the Signs and Symptoms of Wet Brain?What Is Wernicke Encephalopathy, and What Are Its Symptoms?How to Prevent Wet Brain We can treat it early with thiamine

Living Sober Soft Cover Book

ContentLiving Sober Trade EditionA Guided Journal for Women Who Want to Stop DrinkingCustomer ServiceAre you ready to take the next step ?Al-Anon's Twelve Steps & Twelve TraditionsSober Companionship Like good food, good ideas did us no good unless we made intelligent use of them. However, it

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy DBT Treatment

ContentWebMD NetworkThe Best DBT Counseling Near You & Online Teaches AcceptanceTreatmentsHow do I find an affordable therapist in Florida?Four modules of DBT therapyDialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Therapists in FloridaInterpersonal effectiveness Compassion Behavioral Health was a positive overall great experience. Unfortunately I have been to a few

Alcohol & Dementia: How Alcohol Impacts Memory Loss

ContentTesting And Treatment For Alcoholic DementiaDoes alcohol cause Alzheimer’s disease?Epidemiological Findings Concerning Alcohol Consumption and Risk of DementiaWhat are the types of dementia caused by alcohol?Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol-Related Dementia By removing the causative factor, the progression of alcohol-related dementia can be stopped. If